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SketchyGOichie is a image creation and promotional brand with an emphasis on developing eye catching visual content designed to inspire and stimulate the imagination of kids and parents alike.

Recognizing a need for a unique approach to product design and character development delivered at lightning speed, SketchyGOichie is positioned to invent concepts and art so powerful that it can’t help by have a cultural impact in the global marketplace.

As commercial artists we exist in the space where creativity meets commence. Our unique ability is to take any thought or idea and design the best visual representation we can in order to capture the most culture impact possible. Once that image, that icon, that brand content is created, the opportunities for product growth and marketplace awareness are limitless. 

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Embrace. Enjoy. Create. 

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Created by world renowned conceptual illustrator, Roger Andrews, Sketchy Go Ichie is a channel formed out of his love for art and design. Sketchy Go Ichie was created to share that passion with the world, especially budding artists so he can help them to learn something new but more importantly learn to enjoy the process of creating art. To view more check us out on Youtube! And don’t forget to hit that subscribe button…


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